Our BEST trade show finds...delivered to you!

Order Your Curated Box Today

Our BEST trade show finds...delivered to you!

Order Your Curated Box Today

Really ... A Subscription Box For Retailers?

Oh yeah! You read that correctly … BEST of Show is making the buying process fun for you … because you deserve it! Shop in the comfort of your own space, see great items, receive discounts & buy online.

Our Wholesale Box is designed for Gift Shops, Hardware Stores, Fashion Boutiques, Department Stores, Wineries, Spas, Hospital Gift Shops, Museums, Hotels, Pop-up Shops, Facebook Live Sellers & anyone who LOVES discovering new specialty products.

Your Wholesale Box will be delivered six times a year, in January, March, May, July, September and November.

Two Ways To Pay

Your Curated, Wholesale Shop In A Box Is Delivered Six Times A Year
For Less Than The Cost Of One Hotel Night At A Trade Show!

How Does My Wholesale Subscription Box Work?

• Register for your box
• Your boxes will arrive six times a year
• Explore the curated items in the box
• Review each brand story
• Shop your box for any (or all!) of the included items
• Follow the instructions provided to place your order
• Receive the products, sell and reorder!

What Do Retailers Think?

How Do I Promote These New Products?

Successful retailer suggestions:

• 'Auction' off the box FREE on social media for likes/shares/tags
• Create a 'Look What's Coming' preview space and pre-sell items 
• Photograph the items and announce what's coming on social media
• Place the items at checkout and sell
• Personally enjoy the items

Why I Chose to Create a Wholesale Subscription Box ...