About Us

As a gift shop owner for 10 years and then a wholesale brand owner, my years attending trade shows often left me frustrated and wanting something more, something better, something to support my efforts to grow and be successful in a collaborative and jazzed-up environment.

So, I set out to create a showroom like no other {I named it BEST of Show} – one where retailers come first and can meet and work with brand creators to develop the perfect selections to showcase in stores to draw repeat customers and increase sales. I encourage you to visit our showrooms at AmericasMart Atlanta and Vegas Market Center and meet our 80+ vendors, each one committed to their brands and how their products can help make your stores more successful.

The popularity of BEST of Show at trade shows had us wondering ... how can we take the WOW of the showrooms to a new and uncharted level and provide retailers with the ongoing opportunity to be one step ahead by getting a first look at exciting new products from curated brands?

You’re going to like the answer to that question! We’re now sending those exciting new, curated products, directly to you, six times a year through our new Wholesale Subscription Box program. The first of its kind, specifically developed with retailers in mind.

So, for less than the cost of one hotel night at a trade show, you can subscribe! Then, sit back and let us bring the show to your doorstep. You can enjoy shopping The Wholesale Subscription Box, when, where and how you feel most comfortable!

Don’t miss out – do it now!!

Molly Wilson, Founder